Outdoor Cat Houses – The perfect Retreat for Your Cat

Outdoor Cat Houses – The perfect Retreat for Your Cat

If your moggie is anything like mine, they decide that they want to go outside minutes before you want to go to bed. you’ve probably forgotten the amount of times you’ve had to wait for your cat to come home so you can lock the house up and take your weary body off to bed? You stand there waiting for your much loved cat to come home because you know you’ll only worry if they’re not in the house for the nigth. I know from personal experience it’s hard to fall asleep when you’re aware that your cat is outside in the rain and cold while your snuggled up in bed, especially in the winter. How many time do you get up and go to the back door to call them in? Eventually you’ll reluctantly give up and prayt your cat is ok and has found somewhere warm and safe for the night.


What outdoor cat house are available on the market?


Or you could get your much adored feline an outside cat kennel or shelter. I’ve search around the internet to save you a job and there’s not many available on the market. My favourite is the Katkabin because I like their variety in colour.


What should you look for when purchasing a outdoor cat house?


Decide what material you like, something that’s easy to clean or something like wood where you can change the colour but will need yearly upkeep.


Decide whether it’s just for a single cat or multiple as some have a bit more space then others.


Will the outside cat house be heavy enough not to be battered around in the wind or will it need securing to the floor?


5 reasons to get buy outdoor cat house


Great alternative to cat flaps

Means you don’t have to worry about your cat if they’re not home by bed time

They have a place to go if you’re not home to let them in

Lots of different colours so can make it a funky feature in your yard

Usually you can get 2 cats in each outdoor cat house, so you don’t need to buy mulitply cat houses


Deciding where to place your outdoor cat house


Cat’s like to look out over their environment so if possible place your outdoor cat house off the ground. They also love to feel secure so placing your outside cat house in the middle of the garden where your kitty might feel like it can be attacked from anywhere is probably not the best idea. Place outdoor cat houses in a corner or near a wall, this will help your cat feel more secure and should shelter them from the worst of the bad weather if they get caught out in a very bad storm.


Preparing your outdoor cat house for Winter


While outdoor cat kennels are built to be dry and provide shelter in poor weather, many aren’t insulated so you need to do this yourself. If you’ve bought a KatKabin then you can also get the KatKabin Winter Warmer and but other manufacturers of outdoor cat kennel don’t have purpose built insulating inserts so you will need to provide your own. This is as simple as a fleece blanket or an old dressing gown. Remember to give it a wash every few weeks to stop it from smelling musty and any nasty ticks or insects making their home in it.


I adore cats, I adore everything about them from the way they pounce and purr totheir ability to make you smile when you’re upset.  There’s something magical about cats. I’m a sucker for kittens too.

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